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BitcoinXL.org is a brand new Bitcoin trading and mining company. We currently trade only on the best trading markets on the net, furthermore we own the best mining hardware currently available on the market. Our company pays all our members hourly and without any transaction fees. We have developed 4 Bitcoin plans to increase your bitcoins daily, all plans come with: hourly payments, deposit back anytime options. Furthermore, all our members earn 0,01% profit accrual from a 0.1 BTC credit, complete free. All because we are very confident in our trading and mining experts.

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0,13% hourly
3,12% daily


Min: 0.003 BTC Max: 0.100 BTC


0,15% hourly
3,6% daily


Min: 0.101 BTC Max: 0.500 BTC

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0,17% hourly
4,08% daily


Min: 0.501 BTC Max: 1.00 BTC


0,21% hourly
5,04% daily


Min: 1.001 BTC Max: Unlimited BTC

0.1 BTC Signup Bonus, Instant Payments, Deposit Back Anytime

Fastest and most secure bitcoin trading and mining platform, it is what you deserve and what we deliver.

0.1 BTC Signup Bonus

Every new signup receives 0,1 BTC free signup bonus, accruing 0,01% profit per hour, completely free.

Automatic Interest

Members' hourly profit will be added to account balance automatically. Members can withdraw money instantly every hour.

deposit back anytime

Members may withdraw their initial deposit at any time after 3 days since depositing. There is no fee for early initial deposit withdrawal

24/7 withdrawals

Withdrawal requests are processed around the clock 24/7. Members may make unlimited amount of requests per day. There is no fee for withdrawals of hourly interest.

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Welcome to BitcoinXL.org

Looking for highest returns on your Bitcoin investments? BitcoinXL.org is an automatic bitcoin trading and mining platform. Our team of professional traders focus mainly on Bitcoin trading and mining. Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our investments, we are able to deliver steady income for our members.

Headquartered in London, BitcoinXL.org has become the fastest growing bitcoin trading and mining company. Our name is synonymous with effective and profitable bitcoin trading & mining solutions where our members need little to no trading experience at all. With BitcoinXL.org, Bitcoin owners can choose one of our four simple bitcoin investment plans, make a deposit and sit back while our experts go to work. They can withdraw their initial deposit any time and schedule withdrawals quickly and easily through our website. If you have been looking for an easy to use Bitcoin platform, choose BitcoinXL.org now and let our professionals help you choose a bitcoin growth plan that meets your needs today!

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Our referral program will help you earn additional income. Share information about our investment offer with friends or colleagues and send them your unique referral link. You will receive 5% referral commission from all their investments. Members don’t need to have an active deposit to participate in the referral program.

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If you are interested in BitcoinXL.org regional representative program and wish to become our regional representative in your country, please click "Become a Representative" button and send us your username, name and surename, country you are from and contact (email, skype or phone). If we are interested in your offer, we will send you more instructions within few days. To be qualified for BitcoinXL.org regional representative program you need to have an active deposit of more than Ƀ1 .

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